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The Mezzanine

In 1978, Disco Tech moved from the Lower Level to the Mezzanine Level of the Prospect Mall.

The space was at the end of the mezzanine, tucked above the building's main entrance.

New Entrance

A portion was behind an HVAC closet, making it a private but visible workshop.

Visible Workshop
Small Parts, Large Keyboard Bench Parts - Service

By 1978, the guitar parts after-market had exploded.

On the wall are parts from Schecter and Mighty-Mite.

We were also selling magazines dedicated to guitar, keyboard, and electronic music.

Prepackaged Parts

Though compact, this shop still left me room to pour over multiple repairs concurrently.

Here:  Yamaha, Crumar, Polytone, Fender, Wurlitzer, and Rhodes repairs are underway.

Let the Healing Begin

Along this wall, one PolyMoog, two ARP Odysseys, and some smaller units.

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