Item # SWTAM2


Replacement tactile switch for buttons in the ROLAND A-90/90EX, D-5, E-09/660, EP-7/9/70, FP-1/2/4/8/9, GW-7/8,
HP-7/147/330/900/1500/1700/2700/3700/5700/7700, JD-800, JP-8000/8080, Juno-D, Juno-G, Juno Stage, Jupiter 80, JV-25/30/35/50/80/90/1000, JX-305, KF-90, KR-55/103/350/377/3000/4700/5000,
MC-303/307/505, RD-300SX/500/600, RK-300, RS-5/9, Rhodes 660/760/MK60/MK80/VK1000, SH-32/201, U-20/220, VK-7/77/8M/88, VP-550,
VR-700/760, W-50, and XP-10/30/50/60/80.

Also for buttons in the AKAI MPC 3000; in the KORG EC-150, i40M, iS35M/40/50, Pa1X, Pa1X PRO, Pa1X Extended, Pa2X PRO, Pa80/800, and SP-100/300; and in the YAMAHA W-Series keyboards.