Magazine Conditions


Very Fine - The cover is flat with almost no surface wear and no creasing.  The cover inks are relatively bright with high reflectivity.  The spine has few, if any, transverse stress lines.

Fine - The cover shows only minor surface wear and is flat and clean with no creasing or other serious defects.

Very Good - The average used magazine.  The cover shows some scuffing or spine wear but remains desirable.

Good - The cover shows moderate surface wear, scuffing, rippling, or stress.  There may be minor creasing or decreased reflectivity.

Fair - The cover may be loose, have minor tears, or be detached.  The reflectivity may be low.


Very Fine - Inside pages are sharp, flat, and clean with no corner creases.  Pages can be yellowish or tannish but not brown or brittle.

Fine - Pages show minor wear but are relatively flat and clean with no creasing or other serious defects; no folded, torn, or sticking pages; nothing cut out or missing.

Very Good - Some pages may have minor creases, or an insignificant piece of a page may be missing, but the inside is otherwise fine.

Good - Some pages may show folding, soiling, rippling, or browning but be completely readable; a small piece of a page may be missing.

Fair - Has all pages although some may be creased, watermarked, or soiled but be completely readable. A page may be loose or detached. A page may have parts cut out (i.e. a photo, logo, or advertisement), but be clearly stated in the item description.

Poor - Some pages may be loose or unbound.

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