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Buyer Comments - Tactile Switches

Thank you, Rich. My Korg M1 has had broken buttons for 25 years. It's only been used as a master keyboard for composition with Sibelius. I look forward to following the instructions on your website to repairing and replacing the buttons. Thank you!


Hello I only want to say thank you for your parts and your fantastic instructions for changing tact switch It was a easy job to follow the instructions and my Triton is like brand new today Thanks from Lars Sweden

Hi Just wanted to thank you for the info on your site. I just renovated a Korg 01/W, using your step-step pictures as a guide. Your site was invaluable. Many thanks for an excellent resource. Steve D= France

Hello Rich, Thank you so much for the switches, I have replaced with with amazing ease. All the best, Aziz

hi I put new tactile switches in my Korg M1. I am the original owner..bought it in 1988.....1st year they came out with it. I could never have fixed it without the fantastic photos and help on your web site . just wanted to say thank you so very much. BTW I grew up in south Milwaukee WI but lived in California for 20 years...anyway thanks again, Marie

Thank you and greetings from germany!
Thank you also for the repair-manuals on your website.


The parts arrived right 7 days later in my mailbox. Thank you for your reactivity, and thanks for the website showing how to fix the issue.

Jean-Michel -- France


I just wanted to send an email thanking you for your website. I have a Korg Triton X pro with a few tactile switches that were beginning to fail and one that was not working at all (the PROG switch!). Using your website tutorial, I was able to disassemble the keyboard, replace the switches, and most importantly reassemble the keyboard. Your website is an excellent resource ,and I enjoyed viewing the section on the history of your repair shop as well.

Thanks again for your help.

San Diego, CA


I just ordered a set of replacement switches for my old Korg M1. I wouldn't have attempted the repair myself except that I found your photos and walkthrough of the whole procedure. After the parts arrived, I followed you'd directions and everything worked exactly as planned. I really appreciate all your work and you're willingness to share! I now have a beautifully restored instrument that feels like if did 20 years ago! I wouldn't have attempted this repair let alone succeeded. Thank you!


Much appreciated -- thanks for the great online info about the various fixes!

Thanks! You saved me a lot of money! Talia

That's great! Luv your site. You gave me the courage to tear down and replace all the contact switches in my W5. It works so good now, that I've got to get the disc drive going ! Thank you, Charlie

thanks for shipping, very good i receive saturday i repair my yamaha so good thanks

best regards Chris

WoW! I just received my Motif switches!!! Very fast shipping. Appreciate it much. All of the Best: Greg.


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