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Buyer Comments - Korg X3 Floppy Drive Belt

Hi Rich, I received the belt OK and fitted it today. I am delighted to say that the drive and my X3 are now working just fine!

Fitting was easy thanks to your pictorial instructions. Many thanks for making the belt available and providing the instructions.

My best wishes to you, Rich

With the online instructions you posted about changing the belt, everything worked fine. The drive was ok and I was able to reload the factory defaults to the X-3.

Thanks for everything, I appreciate it. -Al

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you folks for your on line presence and availability of parts. It has been several years since I've been able to load from a floppy on my Korg X3, but I only recently got busy and took it apart to discovery a floppy, floppy drive belt. I found your site first search, and minutes later I'd ordered my part. Email THAT DAY informed me my little hunk of rubber band was on its way. Silly thing, but a show stopper!

Anyhow, thanks, keep up the good work, and wow, do I ever have a butt load of sequences from the 80's and 90's! A lot of work went in to them; and while I'd likely be breaking the laws of propriety to play most of them ever again in public, it's nice to have an archive of all that effort!

Cheers, Steve

Thank you for the floppy disc belt. Just to let you know that it works with my Technics Digital Ensemble SX-PR 270. Which was very good news for me.

All the best, Mordecai

I just received my floppy drive belt for my Korg X3. I followed your directions on the website, opened it up, took off old belt, and installed the new one. IT WORKS! This disk drive hasn't worked in years! Thank you so much! You guys rock!!! And now I can too!


I want to thank you for your insight into the Korg X3 and selling the part that fixed my keyboard. Once I heard the floppy drive noise when trying to add the factory sounds I thought my keyboard was unusable. Once I saw your site, ordered the floppy belt and saw how easy it was to repair I was grateful. I fixed it tonight and the X3 is working great. Funny thing I reached out to a shop here in Raleigh, NC and they said basically they don't fix floppies and you probably can't find the parts. Well, I'm glad your site was available and your instructions work perfectly.

Anyway, take care and thank you again. Chris

Just a note to say thank you for sending me a new drive belt for my Korg X3 and for the instruction notes on how to replace it. My gear is up and running like new again and it was simple to fix with your step by step instructions. I am a huge fan of

Thanks again, Paul

Your belt arrived yesterday and I fitted it today with many thanks to your excellent web instructions. Everything now works perfectly and I've loaded up the files from my original disc which I found after some looking. My Korg X3 now sounds as great as it did when new so thanks very much.

Regards, Norman

Hello Rich, I received the floppy drive belt and have my old Korg X3 working again. I was browsing your web site. You certainly have had an interesting career. Thanks for creating and maintaining such a useful and interesting web site.

Regards, Cliff

I ordered the Korg X3 Floppy Drive Belt, followed your great online instructions and it all worked. I'm just writing to say thank you. It's great to live in a world where when your stuff breaks, there's a nice guy like you who has made it possible to fix it myself and continue to enjoy it. I appreciate the time and care you put into that!

Best wishes, Colin

Hello Rich, I have received yesterday the kit of 2 floppy drive belt "BLFDX3". My synthesizer YAMAHA SY77 is now 100% working! I am very satisfied . Thank you for your fast sending of these parts.

Friendly. Freddy (France)

Hello Rich, Got the belt and installed per your directions. My Korg N264 is up and running. Taking this time to thank you and Busted Gear for your help. My next big project will be to replace some worn tactile switches on my Triton Extreme soon.

Again,Thanks much. Randell

Hi again, Rich! I just wanted to let you know that I received the belt today in the mail, and just got finished putting it in the keyboard. Your online instructions for the repair (with pictures) was fantastic, and I was able to complete the repair in about 15 minutes. I am thrilled to have a working keyboard again!! Everything works great!!

Thanks again!! Katherine

The belt worked perfectly it brought new life to my old keys. Thanks for instructions on your web site it made it a lot easier to install. Thanks again, Dan Peretti

Hello Rich.

Just wanted to thank you for the quick reponse time in getting a pair of belts for my Korg X3 FDD!!!
I cannot forget how much the pictures on your site looked as my situation with a worn-out belt with a "I have not been used for a looong" time bend at the motor drive wheel when placed around the new belt.

Mounted the new belt according to your VERY comprehenssive explanations - and vólia - success!!
My back-ups and songs are appr. 15 years old... and I don't have them as MIDI SysExcl....


Best regards - Jesper from DENMARK.

Hi Rich,

received the replacement belt for the X3 thanks and happy to report that it fixed the FDD problem.
Thanks for the quick service and excellent photo tutorial showing how to replace the belt.

Craig -- New Zealand


The belt came in yesterday and I swapped it out and it worked. Now I can listen to some of my old mid files : ) Thanks for all your help.


just want to thank you for the belt. it brought my trusty old korg i5s back to life. restored some old previous settings and i'm good to go. your web page made it an fairly easy fix. good job and again thanks.


Got the belts today, have one install,. My X2 is working like new.
Thank You for your excellent directions for this repair.

Thank You

Rich, thanks for sending out the belt so fast!!!
I installed it and it's working great. My old belt was 18 years old and stretched out pretty bad. I was getting "Drive Not Ready" when you press your DISK button.
Also had to clean the heads on the disk drive with my floppy disk cleaner.
Thanks for making the how to's with pictures. This saved me time figuring out how to do it...
I have been doing work on my keyboards for over 25 years. Having the dissemble instructions saves a lot of time and hassle!



Hiya Rich,

Thanks for supplying these little life savers!  I'm wondering, at sometime down the road, if you were to retire or not carry these belts anymore, where would I be able to get one from?


I'm Isaias again, yesterday I received my package of two Floppy Drive Belts, I'm so glad cause finally I can fix my old X3 keyboard.
Thank you very much

.... Mexico

Hi Rich,

Drive Belt arrived, worked a treat.

Thank you so much.

Jim -- U.K.

Hi i just rec'd the 2 korg x3 belts i bought earlier this week. not only did they arrive quickly, by following your link on how to replace the belt, it took me 15 minutes to fix my korg. my other one is in florida and i'll fix that one in Dec. Thank you for having the belt, sending it so quickly , showing me how to do it and saving me alot of money.


thank you very much, my Korg X3 floppy disk is working again thanks to the belt I bought from you, and the explanations on how to change it you provided on your site !
I appreciate people proposing methods to repair/restaure rather than throw away/buy a new one...
Thanks again, have a nice day,

Guillaume -- France


Just got my replacement belt for my Korg X3 today.  I installed it as instructed on your site, and could not believe that it worked!  Usually when I embark on these types of endeavors, something gets messed up.  But it was easy, and your instructions were great.  Thank you SO much!


Hi Rich,

Got the belt today, put it in the drive and Voilá! It worked.
Thanks for a really quick shipping and for being there for us. Will definatelly order from you if I need to. Thanks.


Many thanks. I have been wanting to replace this belt for some time (having taken the thing apart to establish that this was the problem).

Korg suggested taking the i4S floppy drive to a PC repair facility.

However when I found your website I was very relieved as it seems to solve my problem. (I had previously purchased a bag of random belts but nothing fitted).

I have not been able to import/export sounds for over a year without the floppy drive.

Thanks for forwarding the belt,


. . . Drive belt received and fitted! Works great - excellent service!
      Many thanks.


Thank you so much for supplying me with a new drive belt for my old but greatly treasured X3. I really thought it was the end of the line when the drive stopped working but having fitted the new belt we're up and running again.

I stood to potentially lose a lot of stuff that I did for radio back in 1995 so you can imagine my distress when things went wrong!
Thanks again,



Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your fab web site!!!

My Korg X3 disk drive has been giving problems for years and nobody could help. Korg UK said there was nothing that could be done and I must just live with it. I had given up hope of fixing it.

Finally I found your website after advice from an ebay seller in Canada, and I purchased a new drive belt from you, and your excellent pictures and step by step instructions gave me the confidence to try the repair myself. Well the drive now works perfectly again and I can use all the disks of sounds that I have not been able to access for a long time.

THANKS AGAINS for your great service - I really appreciate it.

Kind regards,

England, UK

Hello Rich,

i received the belt in 15 days to Italy.

With this new belt, now, my X3 's floppy drive is working again.

Thank you very much!

Best regards


Hi Rich,

Thanks for the confirmation - can't believe there's a possibility that my disk drive will function again - I thought it was a lost cause. Very grateful.


Hey Rich,

Just letting ya know that I got the belt yesterday, followed the install instructions, and it works well. Thanks for the help !!


Thanks so much.  This is going to be a life saver for me and my old X2!

    Thanks so much for the speed in which you sent the belt. The belt is an exact match.
    My keyboard is up and running again.Woo Hoo!!
    In case anyone else is looking the belt fits the Yamaha PSR-SQ16 also.
    Thanks Again, the best to you and yours.  Tom

Thank you for providing a great service.

- David


Received the drive belt a few days ago. My local post was delayed due to the Christmas mail.

I've installed it and it works a treat! You're online instructions are superb! You're a saviour! My X3 is alive again!

Thanks and regards,


Hi Rich,

i receved the belt for Korg X3, and i put this in my Korg i4s and it is OK
I saw in a internet site a photo of the floppy drive korg X3 and it seems like the korg i4S; i am happy for this solution because it is impossible to find a new floppy in Europe



Thanks Rich, mucho appreciations,


I've received the item today. Thanks for a quick service!


Thank you Rich for helping me keep my X3 stay alive.

Hello Rich

Just a quick email to say that I received the belt, fitted it and the X3 drive is now working perfectly. The other belt was well worn!

Thanks very much for this, from an extremely delighted customer, in the UK

Best of luck in your business and hope to deal with you again as it was an absolute pleasure.

You certainly set the standards with customer care as you always responded to my emails and kept me in the picture.

Best regards


Hi Rich,

Thank you very much for the belt, it worked perfectly on my X2's drive.  I was able to retrieve my old songs from the floppy they're on and now I can retire this nice sounding, but low polyphony killing keyboard.


Schweet, thanks again Rich, appreciate the help.

Have a great weekend,


Thanks very much for that, much appreciated -

Really pleased - thanks

Best regards for the UK. 


I just completed a PayPal transaction for a belt. I can't tell you how thrilled I am about this! You have no idea!

My friend, you have just made my week.



Great success with 2 Korg i4S keyboards now with fully operational floppy disk drives.
Great service, thanks again !!!!!
Kind regards from Scotland

hi thanks for belt, i have recieved today, it has done the job the disk drive in my x3 works now

thanks, jim

Hey Rich,

Got the belt today swapped it out and it was a no brainer. Floppy works again on my X3!

Thanks a bunch for offering the part and shipping fast. Take care, Greg

Hello Richard !

I am in receipt yesterday of the 2 belts for floppy drive KORG X3. All is OK and I am very satisfied , thank you very much for the fast sending !

Your's Friendly .

Freddy -- France

Hi Rich,

Received recently the ordered drive belt for my KN2000 keyboard. After replacing it, my FD works perfect again.

Many thanks for your superior orderhandling.

Warm greetings from a cold Holland,

Regards, Rene

Hi Rich,

the Floppy drive belt has come and the Korg X3 is reborn! Excellent service Thank you very much



Hi Rich,

I received the rubber belt . I mounted it on the floppy driver and it works perfectly. You were right saying the most of the time the cause of floppy drive malfunctioning is due to the belt.

Thanks again Marco

Hallo, Thank you so much. All is Ok. It works very good. Have a nice day Dominik

Hi I just had to drop you a line to tell you that you have helped me immensely. The floppy disk drive in my early 1990's Yamaha PSR-1700 keyboard hadn't worked in at least a decade and I have 7 disks, each with up to 20 song files that I thought I had lost forever. I found your site and the suggestion that the problem with the drive is likely the belt, so I decided to order one. I installed the new belt last night and it worked! I am now listening to the playback of original song ideas I saved on those disks but had totally forgotten over the years. Your instructions (complete with photographs) came in really handy for the replacement too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

 Rene Abbotsford, B.C. Canada


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