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VOX Continental Broken Vibrato Switch

The vibrato didn't work in this Vox Continental organ.  To prove that the Vibrato Switch was the problem, we bypassed the switch with a clip lead.

Both the Vibrato and the Mains Switch are obsolete parts, so we prepared to install a compatible substitute.

Underside of Vox Continental Switches and Drawbars

First, we detached the switch panel.

To detach it, first pull out the wire staple circled in white.

Then remove the four mounting screws circled in black.

Underside of Vox Continental Switch Panel

Now you can lay down the switch panel and begin to extract the broken switch.

Switch Panel Removed

First, unsolder a pair of red wires from one terminal of the Mains switch as shown in this photo.

This gives you enough slack to pull the wires through the pilot lamp cutout.

Vox Continental Switch Wiring

Here, the wires are pulled through the panel cutout and the switch plate is separated from the wooden panel.

Accessing the Continental's Vibrato Switch

To remove the bad switch, use a small tool to push on a locking tab on each end of the switch (right).

Then, push that end of the switch through the plate.

Removing the Continental's Vibrato Switch

Unsolder the two switch wires and discard the broken switch.

Original Vox Continental Vibrato Switch

This replacement rocker switch fits many Vox Continental models and is available at

Vox Continental Panel Switch.

It's black not white but like the original is marked with a 0 and a 1.  And if you make a small modification to the body, it will perfectly fit the panel cutout.

In this photo, arrows point out the needed modification.  Simply use an X-Acto knife or other blade to slice off a plastic locking tab on each end of the switch.

Replacement Vox Continental Vibrato Switch

Here you see our replacement switch pushed through the cutout in the panel.

Installing a Vox Continental Vibrato Switch

Resolder the pair of red wires to the Mains switch and solder the vibrato wires to the new Vibrato switch (it doesn't matter which wire goes to which lug).

Our replacement switch fit snugly and didn't wiggle or rise up at all.  But, just for fun, we added a bit of hot glue.

New Vibrato Switch Wiring

The new switch looks great, feels like the original, and no hacking of the switch panel was needed.

We need to replace three missing drawbar tips but, first, we're going to track down a problem with one of the drawbars.

New Continental Vibrato Switch Installed

VOX Continental

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