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The Lower Level

In the basement of the Prospect Mall, the workshop and the showroom blended into one large space.

The Garage

The L-shape of the room helped promote the open arrangement.

Benched gear seen here:  an ARP Omni, a Cordovox keyboard, and a Burns/Baldwin guitar.

Service Bay

A Micromoog synth and ARP Omni undergo repair and calibration.

More Patients

Two Minimoogs being serviced.

In the back is a bench for disassembling amplifier cabinets.


Like these amps.


This bay was set up for testing and fixing the removed amplifier chassis.

Amp Repair Cubicle

An office, along with the relocated soda machine, occupied the space's remaining corner.

The Office Corner

A painting of manhole covers almost resembles busted gears.

The Office
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